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Wake up at the same
time every day

You can not always control
when you fall asleep,
but you can decide when
you start your day.
Having a regular routine
sets the tone for your body
for the whole day.

Optimize your mornings

Use your mornings to refresh yourself.
A cold shower or a cup of coffee can
give your day the boost it needs.

Keep your naps short

Contrary to popular belief,
a power nap in the middle of
the day can actually help correct
your sleep schedule.

Watch what you eat

For someone attempting to reset
their sleep schedule, afternoons can
be the hardest. Overeating may
cause you to nap for long periods of time.

Anticipate slumps

It is important to remember
that resetting your sleep cycle
will not happen overnight. Don't
get discouraged and give in.

Take frequent breaks
to avoid exhaustion

In the middle of your workday,
taking 10 minutes away from
your desk to stretch goes a long
way in getting you through
the rest of the day.

Avoid caffeine after 4 PM

The cup of coffee that woke you
up in the morning has the same
effect later in the day. Avoid it
5-6 hours before sleeping.

Exercise early

Though it is true that exercise may help
you achieve deep sleep, some workouts
may be too stimulating. Exercise early
in the day so endorphins don't
get in the way of your sleep.

Avoid junk food after 6 PM

Junk foods are high in sugar and
trans fats, both stimulants. Don't
consume too much as it might
mess up your cycle again.

Avoid screens or use a
blue light filter

The light that comes from your screens,
called blue light, has a powerful
effect on your body clock.
Switch off electronics as early
in the evening as possible

Have your last
meal at least 2 hours
before you go to bed

Not only can food be a stimulant, but
when you sleep just after eating, your
body is busy digesting your final meal.
This can result in various issues, like
indigestion and mental exhaustion.

Set a pre sleep ritual
for yourself

Be it a hot shower, or listening to
calming music, a pre-sleep ritual
can be the final step to a fixed
schedule. Follow these steps
to enjoy a good night's sleep.

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